About Our Table Tops:

Our custom made glass table tops are available in various thicknesses, shapes and sizes which will be delivered to you. Our table tops are made from top quality toughened safety glass and come finished with beautifully polished edges and blunted corners. 

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened safety glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass. In the unlikely event that an accidental breakage occurs, toughened safety glass will disintegrate into small harmless particles almost eliminating the risk of injury. There is also the added benefit of being able to place hot food and drinks on the glass without it breaking.



Toughened safety glass is delivered within 1-3 weeks.

We deliver anywhere within suburban Melbourne.

Deliveries are to the ground floor only.

For deliveries to the first floor and above, please contact our office.  0404 808 290

Removal of old glass table top:

If you would like us to take away your old damaged glass table top, please ensure that it is not glued down to the table or glued to any surface and is free for pickup before we arrive.