Use This

Don’t Use This

How to measure:

The first step in successfully measuring your glass table top is to use a metal tape measure. Tailor’s tapes are terrible for measuring table tops so please don’t use them. The glass industry measures in millimeters and that’s what we use as well. If you prefer to measure with other units please click the link below to assist you convert them to millimeters. 

When measuring, keep in mind that there is a tolerance throughout the glass industry of plus or minus 2mm. This means that, for example, if you order a table top with dimensions 500mm x 500mm it may come out at 498mm x 502mm or anywhere in between. 

If your table top is sitting inside a frame, we’d recommend leaving a bit of a gap, as measuring too tight and wanting it to fit ‘perfectly’ may result in your table top not fitting at all. Last but definitely not least, check your measurements at least twice. If you used the unit converter please check that as well. CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!